In a world where those with functional limits can excel through innovation, a young Kyla Larson finds herself defying the odds that would otherwise be unmanageable. But even she has to rule out conventional explanation when a voice from beyond the world she knows begins to communicate sensitive details that must be cleared from the mind of she who reaches across the expanse.

Today, Zero Break Design reveals the initial details of the story setup for Advent Heroes. The game combines classic roleplay designs from retro console experiences with modern twists such as its advent charge system that allows each individual hero a special ability that can turn the tide in even the most difficult situations. Set in the near future (that is, within 20XX) the story follows Kyla and her distant associate Nefersila from the systems startup of Kyla’s mitigative systems integration to their calling to serve agents of destiny. Though none are allowed to permit Nefersila from knowing all of what makes her different from anyone else in her adoptive home at Downton on the distant world of Runeria or to inform of her lost history, the sensitive details are communicated to Kyla prior to the forced erasure of her personal knowledge. However, due to the circumstances by which this information is stripped from her mind, Nefersila forges a pact with Kyla by which her sister Padma will cross over and guard the sensitive secrets on her behalf in exchange for an agreement to reconvene if the reasons for the relocation are ever confirmed.

These reasons, unbeknownst to anyone involved, come at a very inopportune time for Kyla as she faces the prospect of being the one to respond on NYPD business to the apparent murder of her benefactor, Dr. Tajiro Yushi. As she begins the process of invoking homicide protocol, Kyla is informed by Nefersila of the loss of communication with Runeria’s sacred guardians. Rushing to link the portal system to the watchpoint vector, Kyla’s deft manipulation of the isekai effect to serve the urgent response of both her duty and that of her brother Alan is soon met by even more tragedy as the watchpoint’s crew is found dead and murdered in the name of a false interpretation of fate. Accused as heretics by the forces of evil, the three unlikely heroes find themselves unable to break the will of the assailant whose claims of divine cleansing are quickly met with equal measures of distrust and disbelief. Ultimately the unknown interloper forces matters by triggering the watchpoint’s omega unit, setting off an automatic destruction sequence upon which our heroes narrowly escape.

In addition to the story details, Zero Break Design is also informing of a pending transition from NW.JS and HTML5 to Unity, which will necessitate the delay of the game into 2023. Due to the amount of work that is anticipated to be required as a part of this transition, the decision to hold release is being made to ensure that the quality and content of the final version of Advent Heroes is not compromised during the transitionary process. Please hold for more information of a new release date to be announced in the coming months.

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