The fate of all that is known may well be dependent on persons from two distinct worlds, or so the writings suggest in the debut game release from Zero Break Design.

Created by Jeffrey Davis as the official branding for his work in video game media and product development, Zero Break Design aims to deliver classic experiences and writings with a modern touch. Advent Heroes, the debut game for the Zero Break label, exemplifies that perspective by combining a classic, retro-style Japanese roleplay design with concepts and influence from the modern-era videogaming landscape. Its signature design element, the advent essence, gifts the four individuals who are called to defend both our Earthpoint and that of distant Runeria with a special ability which can turn the tide of a difficult encounter by that which can easily serve as the difference between success and defeat.

“The pixel-based art style of Advent Heroes is that of the games I grew up on during the course of the late 1980s and early 1990s, updated and adapted for today’s audience,” Jeffrey explains. “At first I considered a more modern visual style, but for the simplicity of design and presentation I settled on a retro, 16-bit aesthetic for the game.”

Advent Heroes follows the exploits of four gifted individuals, two from each destined world, who are tasked with defending Runeria from a threat posed by a dark foe before it can spill over into our world… and potentially into the very fabric of existence itself. As the story progresses across both worlds upon the breach of what amounts to the isekai effect – which literally translates to the byproduct of the connective essence of all known worlds – surprising revelations and unexpected provisions relative to those called by destiny begin to reveal themselves to the player. Throughout the adventure to come, the chosen warriors also begin to face the prospect of being marked for advance elimination by the forces of the unnamed threat itself, feared as prophesized “heretics” on the consequence of what amounts to a false interpretation of their destiny.

“Probably one of the worst things you can imagine is being taken for what someone else believes is the enemy, when in fact it is you who holds the key to the future,” Jeffrey says. “But even the divine record itself tells of that which is believed in dark times as a multitude of interpretations and self-labeling of that which is the true enemy of the dark forces. Essentially speaking, the events of the Great Advent on which our heroes are called may just as easily be interpreted as a direct consequence of the Great Revelation of the fall of evil.”

In fact, Advent Heroes draws a multitude of its inspiration and concepts from the divine record, from situations where those meant to serve find themselves answering to a higher level of authority and rank by means of comparison and equivalence to matters of forgiveness and abandonment of prior thinking in the name of a greater good. Influences from classic literature also factor heavily into the story, occasionally referencing such characters and concepts as the monkey king Wukong, the investigations of Sherlock and Watson, and the knights of Arthurian legend.

“I was raised just as equally on the teachings of the divine record,” Jeffrey explains. “To this day there are situations and differences for which I still find myself at odds even with my own family by their expectation of honor. And when I do admit to one of those situations, I get called out for stating exactly as such. It’s essentially what amounts to a ‘ten commandments’ dilemma. And even the heroes of the Great Advent have this problem.

“But that’s where the divine record states that the Sovereign God has done His part to right what the rest of us can never do by our own nature. Consider the fate of the sacrificial Son: if you place your divine belief in the consequence of His execution upon the cruel hand of mortal authority and subsequent conquest of death itself, then by that faith will your encroachment upon the divine intentions be forgiven in exchange for the right to endure forever. I wanted to capture some of that ethos in the story of Advent Heroes.

“So basically speaking, our heroes can be knocked out by ill effect but it’s not the same as being killed outright. Other people in the story can and will be subjected to death, but they will endure from beyond rather than being subjected to revival. And our heroes will have to live with that.”

In addition to the main quest, an expeditions mode is planned that will allow players from around the world to embark on co-op missions in an immersive online experience. Three types of expeditions are planned for inclusion at launch: team missions where players work together to reach the goal, strategy missions that will test player’s skills, and limited-time events with varying themes and objectives.

Advent Heroes is scheduled for release on the Xbox series of game consoles as part of the ID@Xbox program, and separate versions for Windows, macOS and Linux are planned as well. Release timing is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022. More information is available at zerobreakdesign.com/advent.

About Zero Break Design

Created to serve as trade dress and portfolio branding by J.D. “BreakerZero”, Zero Break Design is built for the provision and purpose of developing videogame products that echo the best of classic 1980s-style roleplay while adding in a touch of modern ingenuity.

About the ID@Xbox Program

The ID@Xbox Program enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox and Windows with Xbox Live, or adding Xbox Live to iOS or Android games, giving studios the tools and support needed to maximize their success.

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