None would speak of her origin, though in time she would know what made her different. But for Nefersila, it was evident that she wasn’t to know the whole story of her past. Yet on the same night that her protection was ascribed, a stranger from beyond the great expanse would be gifted the world of Runeria as the result of an initial breach of the isekai effect. Utilizing the resources provided by her distant associate, Nefersila soon discovers that the stakes are higher than even she had anticipated… as the evidence increasingly points to a matter foretold by ancient writings as the first sign of the coming of the Great Advent.

  • CLASSIC DESIGN: A full, retro-style roleplay experience with gameplay and presentation echoing the greatest tales ever told.
  • FIGHT TO SURVIVE: Balance lifeforce and mana charge against your resources in choosing attack skills over party protection.
  • SHOW NO MERCY: Charge up your advent essence and cut loose with special abilities that can turn the tide back in your favor.
  • RESTORE ORDER: From an exile by consequence to an ominous dark threat, any situation is fair game for a decisive resolution.


Coming 2022

Game Demo (update coming soon)

All visuals and gameplay elements are subject to change before release.