In addition to creating videogame content, Zero Break Design’s creator served as a contributor for a select number of web-based gaming publications during the late doubles and early 2010s. While not all of the sites on which the material was published remain in service, a subset of the news reports and game reviews from this era have recently been tracked down from archives and collected into this master repository for your perusal.


The amount of time spent on the GamerTellx website (which was part of TechnologyTell) was a rather short affair in late 2012/early 2013, but some of the contributions are of a rather notable importance to its archive… in particular the site’s report on what would ultimately lead to the (supposed) end* of G4TV.

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Devil’s MMO

The amount of time spent on this website was from 2011 until around the time that updates to its content stopped completely. Contributions to this site also included our creator’s first and only “first impressions” experience with the publisher of a (then) active game+ and outlined several functions and additions to its content.

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Slim Gamer

Slim Gamerx billed itself as a place for “video games and other stuff” but evidently it must’ve gotten lost in the vast sea of many other community-run websites. Even so, our creator did manage to post the site’s review of a puzzle platform game sold on the Steam web store, along with the site’s coverage of a video game sequel.

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Misc. Writings

Some of the contributions are either too difficult or too miniscule in number to categorize with portfolio links so the following list will cover these contributions.

Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution [Game Guide World]
3DS Launch Information [Hewreckx]
NBA Jam HD reboot separated from canceled Elite 11 [Hewreckx]
OnLive Not Practically Acceptable [Unpublished]

* Supposed end because G4TV will return in Summer 2021.
+ Sadly the publisher ended its services in the later part of that year.
x Denotes closed websites. Content is based on Wayback Machine archives.