The Zero Break Game Design label is intended to provide gaming experiences that echo the best of classic retro console experiences with modern ingenuity, and it is the intent to push those experiences to the public conscience in a manner supported by sound policies and devoid of influence and struggle from public conflict. This includes fairness and honesty within the media, game testing and other aspects of outreach across the game development business. With that in mind, and due to the recent incidences of theft and fraud, it is the policy of Zero Break Game Design to neither engage, work with nor support Steam curators, and no access to Zero Break products will be provided through Curator Connect or any similar service. Furthermore, all influencers and press contacts will require a professional email address to validate authenticity; no contact information associated with a public mailbox account such as AOL or Gmail, nor any unsolicited messages on Steam, Xbox or any other gaming service, will be accepted.

This policy is effective immediately and is non-negotiable, and any emails or messages that do not meet these requirements will be destroyed and ignored. Additionally, any mass outreach to potential contacts will either originate directly from official Zero Break communication channels, or through authenticated marketing and press relations agencies. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.