Privacy Information

Privacy Matters

Privacy is an important part of any dealings with online dealing and selling – including accounts used for the purpose of purchasing games and other digital goods – so it’s important to know how your privacy is protected by Zero Break Game Design as well as that of our distributors and resellers.

First of all, whether it’s for support, purchase verification or errata investigations there is absolutely no requirement for personal information to be collected as a part of the process. PERIOD. Anyone who even dares to ask for this information to be shared does not represent Zero Break Game Design or those who are hosting its products, and neither Zero Break Game Design nor the distributors of its products will EVER ask for this information in ANY unannounced transmission.

Second, neither Zero Break Game Design or its distributors will EVER disclose or sell your information to unauthorized parties, and will only do so for general purpose reasons such as offers for related products, sale pricing and the like (and ONLY if you’re cool with that). YOU are in control of this at all times, and you can ALWAYS change your preferences on communication if you ever change your mind on something.

Third, Zero Break Game Design and/or its distributors may utilize persistent information that is stored on your system for easy access at later dates and times. Commonly known as the cookie system, the data record on your system for account and session data uses minuscule chunks of information to ensure that your session is recognized properly as well as to provide the interface for any level of servicing information including but not limited to suggested material for our customers (potentially even including recommendations of related products and/or services from competitor entities), the persistence of your online session for easy return to where you left off, and for the provision of any information or suggestions from third-party contacts. Rest assured that NONE of this will be used to identify your computer system or any connected accounts.

Finally, some content (trailers, images etc.) for out products may originate from third-party sources and are subject to the privacy policies for the services which are hosting the provided content.