Now Accepting RPG Maker Projects for Publishing!

Do you have a dream of creating the next great roleplay adventure and need help with getting it out to market? Zero Break Design is now looking for games built with RPG Maker MV or MZ from Gotcha Gotcha Games/Kadokawa to help you get it out to market with the launch of our new MV publishing assistance service. All you have to do is build your game using the toolset of your choice and your project will be configured in accordance with the support and feature requirements for your targeted platform. Currently we offer publishing assistance for Xbox and Steam, however we are open to supporting other platforms on a per-case basis.

This service also includes submission for ID@Xbox which is required on the Microsoft Store for the inclusion of multiplayer and achievements, as well as the registration of your project on the Steam marketplace. Please note that we do not support Epic Store publishing at this time, however we can also list your project on and GameJolt in addition to our base services.

When submitting your game for this service, the following information is required:

  • A playable demo build. Actual development progress doesn’t matter – it can be 100% or 66% so long as there’s enough done to play at least a part of the game.
  • At least three screenshots. This is non-negotiable and must reflect actual gameplay or material from your project. However, if you have previously released a prior version of the game then a link to its product page can be used instead.
  • Your pitch presentation, if the game is not yet published.
  • Your planned storefront and device support, including any existing versions of the project that you have previously released.
  • The date when you plan to release the game on initial supported or additional platforms.
  • A professional business email address. AOL and Gmail do not count.

The following is not specifically required, but will improve your chance of acceptance:

  • A trailer or gameplay video. This must accurately represent your game project to count.
  • Hosted website services for your project and/or game studio. This must match your business email to count.
  • Valid proof of incorporation, LLC registration or established trade name. An informal DBA does not count.
  • If incorporated or registered in the United States or Canada, provide a valid registration number from your secretary of state or equivalent. An IRS employer identification does not count.
  • If incorporated or registered and you have a DUNS registration number from Dunn and Bradstreet, it must also be provided.
  • Proof of utility or other billing associated with your business address. Marketing materials do not count.
  • If you’re using soundtrack content from more contemporary sources than the usual genre expectations, acceptable proof of licensing will be required. Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon receipts do not count, however any music attained through these channels can be modified for the purpose of your project once licensing has been confirmed.
  • If you wish to attain content licensing and have not already made the request, we can handle the filing process through a request to a third-party licensing assistance service for an additional charge. However, please keep in mind that the licensing process is not guaranteed to complete successfully and the fee is not refundable.

Once you have all of the required information, please use our automated submissions system and your project will be evaluated upon the earliest available opportunity. If your game is successfully cleared for publishing, a non-refundable signing fee will be charged at the time of acceptance. Projects that meet our sales return standards once released will be assessed a charge of 20% of post-sale returns for as long as the game is up for sale. In addition, if your project performance allows you to recoup your investment on the Steam platform then that portion of your signing fee will be returned to you.