Beyond game development, Zero Break Game Design has developed a number of levels for Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker 2 package on Switch. The following is a short list of favorites from the collection, along with its level code in case you wish to try it out. For a complete list of levels accessible directly from within the game, the creator code is BR1-9CG-Q9G.

Goomba Classica

A New Super Mario Bros. take on World 1-1 from the original NES game. There’s no in-game description for this one, but it doesn’t need it either.

Level code SD8-35R-Q7G

Yoshi Abuse Redux

My interpretation of the original, now-defunct Yoshi Abuse from the original version of Super Mario Maker on Wii U, though I forget who the original author was. The in-game description plays off a tax evasion meme that involves Yoshi.

Level code LLJ-VW7-8NG

Trick Trap Snake 2.0

A very long level that could pass for an entire Super Mario World. It has three bosses and makes heavy use of the snake blocks. (Also, it’s a direct sequel to my original Trick Trap Snake from the Wii U era.)

Level code T57-G18-LLF

Airship Trial (Novice Class)

A simple, short automatic level built around one of Bowser’s notorious airships. It has three parts, but it shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

Level code 5C9-W90-KDG

Oh No Zone I

This is a tribute to YouTuber DGR, and is basically a troll level. Unlike some other troll levels featured on the channel, I do not use any unintended behaviors of the game as bug reports do sacrifice an uploaded level and you don’t get a chance to change it for resubmission. This one also requires absolute precision in order to not fall for any trolls. You also have a couple of incidences of a troll mechanic called a “twice twice” where you have likewise scenarios that function differently from what came before, as well as a complicated forced-death puzzle that serves as an anti-softlock.

Level Code G46-51C-RJG

Oh No Zone II

The sequel to Oh No Zone I; and yes, it is also a troll level. As with the original, I threw in a couple of “twice twice” situations as well as an even more brutal anti-softlock puzzle. This time you’ll also have to pay close attention to the goal room to know whether or not you’re actually in the real thing and not the “twice twice”. There is also an easter egg that references the Mega Man series which I threw in for its 35th anniversary; see if you can find it.

Level Code Y95-X9K-4VF

Welcome to Troll Maker 2

As the name implies, this is yet another troll level. As with my other troll levels, there are a couple of “twice twice” situations. It is also the first level I ever uploaded.

Level Code 5PS-6Q1-XWF

These codes make use of online features in Super Mario Maker 2. A paid Switch Online membership is required (sold separately); you will be billed according to the membership tier and subscription term that you selected.